CoC Funding Opportunities


In order to remain on the email notification for CoC meetings and funding opportunities, it is required to attend at least six of the twelve General Assembly Meetings. Please see the calendar on this website for meeting dates, locations, and times. Those members who do not actively attend the CoC General Assembly Meetings will be removed from our mailing list and will not be considered for funding. Please be sure to attend at least six meetings per year to keep your membership in the CoC active.

The NWFL CoC (FL-515) is preparing for the local U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) competition and will shortly be releasing specific timelines, requests for projects, and submission details. Further information to be released soon.


 The 2021 CoC local competition has been launched.  Please read through the Request for Projects carefully and keep in mind the following important dates:  

  • 09/14/2021 – Public Posting of Request for Proposals 
  • 09/21/2021 – Workshop – via zoom 10:00 am (please email [email protected] if you will be attending) 
  • 10/15/2021 – Applications Due via email to [email protected]  
  • 10/18/2021 – Written notification and posting of review and ranking results   
  • 10/19/2021 – Appeal window opens 
  • 10/22/2021 – Responses due for any request of clarification/correction/additional information of application 
  • 10/29/2021 – Appeal window closes 
  • 11/08/2021 – Final consolidated application posted to website (
  • 11/10/2021 – CoC vote on final consolidated application 
  • 11/10/2021 – Submission to HUD 
  • 11/16/2021 – Final deadline for HUD submission 


The following organizations and projects have been approved by the CoC Review and Scoring Committee for inclusion in the CoC’s master grant application to the State of Florida:

Catholic Charities (Rapid rehousing, Homeless Prevention, Shelter Operations, Street Outreach)

Doorways (HMIS/Coordinated Entry & Housing Relocation and Stabilization)

Volunteers of America (Street Outreach) 


2021 Consolidated Application Project Scoring 



The FL-515 Review and Ranking Committee met on October 18, 2021 to review the submitted project applications for the 2021 HUD CoC Competition.  The following projects were approved for inclusion in the CoC Consolidated Application: 


Doorways of NWFL – HMIS Renewal (Score 100/100).  This project will be ranked number 1 on the Priority Listing to accompany the CoC Consolidated Application.  


The LEAD Coalition – Healthcare and Housing New Project (Score 88.3/100). This project will be ranked number 2 on the Priority Listing to accompany the CoC Consolidated Application.