Point In Time

The 2019 Annual Housing Survey will be conducted from January 24th- January 28th. For those interested in volunteering, there will be a training held on January 22nd at 1:30 pm at Grace Presbyterian Church (1416 Airport Road, Panama City).

Annual Housing Survey

The Housing Survey, also known as the Point In Time (PIT) will be taken in all six NWFL Counties:  Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Washington.  The survey is conducted annually and is a snapshot of the number of homeless individuals we have within our community. This information allows programs and agencies to analyze the information we collect to inform us on the best way to continue serving our communities.

Additional info and downloads

PIT Data January 27 2017

PIT Data January 26 2018


2016 Survey results

Gender Number Homeless Persons Percentage
Male 182  59
Female  128  41
Transgendered  0
Other  0
Don’t know  0
Refused  0
TOTAL 310 100.0%


Age  Number Homeless Persons Percentage
Persons under 18 years 32 10
Persons 18 to 24 years  19  6
Persons age 24 – 60  255  82
 Elderly – over 60 years 4  1
 TOTAL 310 100.0%