Doorways of Northwest Florida

Advocate and educate to eliminate homelessness in Northwest Florida

HUD announces More Than $3.1 Billion to Help People Experiencing Homelessness in response to a growing homelessness crisis.  Doorways of Northwest Florida, FL-515 CoC Lead Agency, is now accepting applications for the 2023 Grant Period.




Northwest Florida 2024 Point- in- Time Count Homeless Census

When: Jan 25- Jan 30

Where: Volunteer opportunities available throughout Bay, Jackson, Calhoun, Jackson, Gulf & Holmes County

The Point-in-Time Count (PIT) is an Annual Census of people experiencing homelessness in Northwest Florida. PIT is a crucial initiative aimed at understanding and addressing homelessness by conducting an accurate and comprehensive count of homeless individuals to gain valuable insights into their unique needs and challenges. This knowledge, in turn, enables us to create more effective strategies to prevent and end homelessness in Northwest Florida.

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NWFL Point-in-Time Count Homeless Census

When: Jan 25th – Jan 30th

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