The North West Florida Continuum of Care (CoC) is designed to promote community wellness and coordinate efforts in the homelessness response. One of the CoC’s primary responsibilities is to apply for and allocate funds to support provider efforts, along with notifying and educating providers on available funding opportunities.

Upcoming Funding Opportunities

Preparation for Upcoming Federal and State Grant Opportunities

The latest information on this year’s grant cycle is that both federal and state grant opportunities will drop in the May/June time frame. This means that NOW is the time to begin planning a project application if you would like to participate in those opportunities. As you probably know, by the time the funding opportunity is released we will have a very short turnaround time to get your project applications in, evaluate and rank them, and assemble the consolidated application. Don’t wait until the funding opportunity is released to start planning! The more you do now, the easier the process will be for all of us.

We do not have any specifics on the funding that will be available, so make sure your project is scalable. Then once the funding opportunities are released, you’ll only have to adjust your budget and deliverables. (For example, you might plan a $150,000 project to serve 10 families – what would that same project look like if you could have $250,000? or only $75,000?) To plan for your project, you’ll need the following information: project narrative including target populations and services that you will provide, detailed project budget, number of individuals or families that the project will serve with that budget, narrative describing your organization’s experience with this kind of project.

What types of projects can you fund? For the last several years, federal funding has been available for Rapid Rehousing and/or Permanent Supportive Housing only. State funding has been more flexible with types of projects allowed, but still must be tied to reducing the number of persons experiencing homelessness in our CoC (so funding for a new water heater in a facility would probably not be approved). Of course, we don’t know if that trend will continue, but it’s probably a safe bet. As soon as we have more information, we’ll get it out to you. Good luck!

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Project Rank & Review Process

The project Ranking and Review process is a community coordinated process for objectively ranking project funding applications based on a community need and HUD specified priorities. This process is updated annually to address emerging needs in the community.

Additional Grantee Resources